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The Mastermind + Growth Engine Solution for Ambitious Changemakers

Ambition + Action = Empowering Leaders

SUN is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, salespeople, and changemakers. Our mission is centered on fostering the development of outstanding businesses and impactful nonprofit organizations, driving personal growth, achieving meaningful impacts, and transforming dreams and ambitions into realities.
We offer collaborative Mastermind group sessions, where weekly meetings promote accountability, stimulate change, and fuel growth. These sessions are reinforced through live events and a suite of educational programs, tools, and resources.
What sets us apart? Our custom high-performance growth engine, designed to transform your operation into a precision-tuned vehicle of purpose and achievement.
Join SUN. Stand with us, and together, we’ll dream, plan, and execute bigger and better things for ourselves and the world.

Master the Game

Why Join Us?



When you join a mastermind, you're not just getting a seat at the table, you're tapping into a network of brains and experiences. Imagine having the power to access collective knowledge, insights, and wisdom of multiple successful entrepreneurs at your fingertips - that's the first power play.



It's easy to slack when you're your own boss. In a mastermind, that's not an option. We set goals, and we smash them, together. You're held accountable by like-minded individuals who refuse to accept mediocrity.



Building a business is challenging, but it's a heck of a lot easier when you've got industry leaders and movers and shakers in your contact list. Our mastermind is not just a learning hub; it's a networking goldmine.



Stuck in a rut? Not anymore. With a wealth of varying perspectives, a mastermind broadens your horizons, challenges your assumptions, and helps you think outside the box - unlocking the next level of advancement.



It's lonely at the top. Your mastermind is your personal cheerleading squad. You'll learn and grow at a pace that's almost impossible to achieve alone. You're the average of the people you spend the most time with. Here, those people are successful, supportive entrepreneurs.



Your company needs a customized operating system that aligns with your vision and market. We help you create it. Imagine a fully engaged team and a sales and marketing system that guarantees growth. You end up with a well-oiled business machine.



Whether you're seeking personal growth, launching a startup, mastering sales, leading remotely, or navigating the digital landscape, our Make It Happen™ Impact Programs are built for your journey. Get the step-by-step actionable strategies you're looking for.



In the world of business, if you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. By being a part of our mastermind, you're staying ahead of the latest trends, strategies, and tools to ensure your business remains at the cutting edge.

Study action circles + Masterminds

The Solution for Ambitious Changemakers

Join us in making your dreams a reality. Study Action Circles and Masterminds are the two types of groups we offer. Individually customized for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Leaders, and Salespeople, all focusing on accomplishing both organizational and personal dreams/goals.
The Mastermind groups are further differentiated into four sub-levels of membership, based on your current stage of progress and annual revenue. This categorization helps us tailor our approach to match your unique needs, concerns, resources, and confidence levels.


/ USD Month

Study Action Circles

Where Action Meets Insight. This is NOT a ‘book club’; it’s a powerful circle of commitment and implementation. Whether you’re new to SUN or an existing Mastermind member, our Study Action Circles offer you a unique way to supercharge your development. Dive into curated books, reports, whitepapers, expert-led content, or topic-based modules like “Digital Marketing Strategies” or “Leadership Development.” Meet virtually on a weekly basis with like-minded individuals to discuss, commit, and hold each other accountable for implementing actionable takeaways. Consider this your dynamic toolkit for real-world impact—right at your fingertips.


/ USD Month

Basecamp Mastermind

Perfect for motivated entrepreneurs, full of vision and determination. Basecamp Mastermind serves as your reliable guide, helping you chart the course, enhance your skills, and amass the resources necessary for sustainable success. Basecamp Mastermind is your strategic partner, bolstering your entrepreneurial journey, and ensuring every step forward is a move towards greater success.

Annual revenue:


/ USD Month

Ascent Mastermind

Built for ambitious entrepreneurs who have been steadily advancing their dent in the Universe. Ascent Mastermind is your springboard for exponential growth. You’ve demonstrated your potential; it’s admirable. Now, it’s time to multiply it, climb higher, and attain the next level of entrepreneurial achievement. With Ascent, you don’t just rise; you soar, transforming ambition into action, potential into realization, and success into a habit.

Annual revenue:


/ USD Month

Summit Mastermind

Designed for the exclusive circle of entrepreneurs who have tasted success but aspire for the rarefied air of even loftier peaks. Summit Mastermind is your trusted ally in this quest, furnishing you with the tools, strategies, and insights to conquer new heights. Together, we will empower you to aim higher, reach further, and redefine the success you’ve already achieved. Here your entrepreneurial dreams become your achievements.

Annual revenue:

Custom Quote

/ USD Month

Moonshot Mastermind

By Invitation Only. For the rare few, the visionaries who have ambitions that exceed even the extraordinary. Each experience is completely tailored to your unique needs, designed to challenge your potential, redefine the limits of what’s possible, and facilitate your mission to redefine the boundaries of success. This is more than just a mastermind; it’s a bespoke journey towards unprecedented achievement.

Annual revenue:

Our Membership Process

3 Steps - No Salespeople in any of them!

If one of the Mastermind programs looks good, just follow the following 3 steps to learn more with our transparent, sales pitch-free zone approach. It’s all about the right fit. We look forward to working with you.

Initial Meeting

Schedule a meeting with a dedicated SUN Coach. This isn't a sales pitch, it's a friendly, pitch-free consultation to answer your questions, share what we offer, and get to know you better. No one will ask you to buy anything.

Test Drive

Experience the SUN community first-hand with two complimentary mastermind sessions and a one-on-one session with your SUN Coach. This is a no-obligation opportunity to align with your dreams and goals and spark your action plan.

Assess + Apply

Take a moment to reflect on your SUN experience. If we both feel a synergy and see potential for growth, we invite you to apply for membership. Remember, there's no financial commitment required from your side throughout this entire process. The final decision is, of course, yours. Regardless of the outcome, you will be a few steps further forward.

SUN is a community of people committed to living well

Living well requires 3 commitments from you:

To be happy, healthy and free.

To be engaged in purposeful work.

To make the world a better place to live.

Through SUN, you can achieve all of these things,

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A Community for the Ambitious: Achieving, Creating + Leading.

Together, we transform big ideas into bigger realities.


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Success Stories

"Accountability + Encouragement"

"What I received from SUN: exceptional business and marketing knowledge and experience, understanding and accountability, professionalism, promptness and community, and support and encouragement to Stand Up Now (not someday). Thank you, Kim!"
Sherry Lukey
Business and Personal Coach, SherryLukey.com

"Return on Investment"

“SUN has helped me get organized and develop a clear plan to get the dream out of my head and into action. The value far surpasses the investment.”
Jeff Sotropa
Founder & CEO, Sotropa Communications


"At 7am I thought my day...the mountain ahead of me...was unachievable. At 7:05am after a SUN call I thought I could climb Everest. That's what this process does."
Brita Lind
CEO, Arcas Advertising, Marketing & Strategy

"Life Changing"

"When I first joined SUN, I wasn't surprised my business moved forward. What was a surprise was how it changed my life."
John Leishman
CEO, Tursa Group

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