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What level are you playing at today?

Choose 1 of the 4  levels of membership (they are all the same price).

Join as an individual, a company or a not-for-profit.

Get on the path to achieving all of your personal and professional goals.

All 4 levels of membership offer the same features.

The only difference is which level of mastermind group you will be placed in based on where you are on the path to your dream.

We make this distinction only because we have found that the people at these 4 different levels tend to have quite different issues and needs.

Level 1: Basecamp: for those who want to start, or are in the early stages of building out their dream. For people who are looking to discover and build out strategies to at least grow to where they can see it become a reality. 

Level 2 : Ascent: for those who are firmly committed to their dream, but need to drive more revenue or fundraising and chart out a more clear path for their future and the impact they want to make in the world. 

Level 3: Summit: for those who already have a clear idea of how they want to impact the world and are well down the path. For people who want to scale and reach what they define as the ‘next level’.

Level 4: Moonshot: for those who are shooting for the moon and playing ‘all in.’ These rare individuals have already tasted a high level of success but are choosing  to shoot for the moon… or Mars.

Membership Details

  • Membership pricing: All memberships – $197 USD per person per month. 
  • We grow from word of mouth. As a small  thank you for helping us to spread the word, any member that you refer will generate a $10 USD per month ongoing thank-you payment for as long as you both remain members in good standing.
  • If you are accepted for membership, your inability to afford your full membership fees will not be an obstacle.
  • All memberships offer an ongoing, month-by-month, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Members receive substantial discounts on optional SUN: events, coaching, retreats, etc.
  • Below is a listing of the 6 key things SUN can deliver for you.

A closer look at the 6 things SUN can deliver for you

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

As a Mastermind group member, you will be placed in a group of 4-10 selected individuals who will align with what you are trying to achieve.

You will have the opportunity to participate in highly confidential professionally facilitated weekly online mastermind meetings where you will get a chance to update everyone on your progress and hurdles.

It is rewarding to meet on a weekly basis with a small group of talented and trusted people.

People who have faced (or are facing) many of the same challenges as you.

They will freely share information with you, encourage you, and provide you with accountability, support, tools, and best practices you need to move forward. They are not competitors. They are allies and collaborators. You are not alone.

It is a community where people believe with you what you want for yourself and the world.

It is all about helping you succeed at being who you know you already are. Your group will help keep you motivated and focused, so that you can develop and make good on your personal and/or professional vision. 

The meetings start with each member briefly summarizing highlights of their previous week. 

Next, 1 or 2 members will be featured under the ‘Spotlight’ where they will put forward an opportunity or problem they are grappling with, and the group will help them address it. Occasionally, the meeting will feature a short presentation from a subject matter expert followed by a Q & A.

The meetings always finish with members committing to their best course of action to advance things before the next meeting.

Of course, you can choose to continue on your own…but it turns out that things can go a lot better, faster and easier if you don’t.  

In fact, the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study and found that the probability of completing a goal if you simply have an idea or a goal is 10%.

However, if you make a specific accountability commitment with others this number skyrockets to 95%. 

“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.” 

― Jack Canfield

Purpose and Plan

Discovering and being true to your purpose, is an important component for not only your happiness, but also for the happiness of those you serve. 

Simplified one-page personal and/or business plans and monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) tracking is a powerful part of what is in store for you. Helping you find, stay clear, and act on your purpose is an integral part of everything you will experience being part of this community. 

Personal System

One of the biggest challenges you have as a person is to manage yourself and your time. Building your personal management system involves getting clear on your priorities and figuring out a way to do less and achieve more. SUN is purpose-built to do just this very thing for you.

Organizational Systems
(for SUN members that own, or are part an organization…or want to start one)

Organizations that are built with intention and systems tend to be high profit and low stress. They are easier to run, and don’t necessitate you thinking about them and being there working all the time. Imagine your company or not-for-profit at maximum performance…running like a Swiss clock. 

SUN teaches you how to embed something called the P4 Advancement System™ in your organization to help you achieve maximum performance, focusing on four fundamental objectives:

  • Planning Real-time strategic and operational plans that communicate a persuasive vision, prioritized goals and effective projects.
  • People Processes that ensure optimal: hiring, on-boarding, coaching, promotion, and demotion.
  • Performance Support and measurement of strategic action within clear operational plans.
  • Promotion Internal understanding of plans and progress, alongside compelling external sales and marketing.

You will be offered valuable perspective and insights, prioritized clear actions, new tools, and step-by-step plans and templates to follow to take you through your next challenge.

It takes work, but having a useful plan and systems in place is extraordinary – and it will help you attain much higher levels of growth, free up your time, and lower your stress once it is implemented.  

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” 

― Amy Poehler

As opposed to the isolation you can often feel when you’re working by yourself (i.e. when you are on the road, in an airport, in your house, or at a coffee shop)…when you login to a virtual coworking space (or join an affiliated physical coworking space)…you’ll immediately feel a sense of activity and purpose. 

Coworking has the effect of boosting your engagement and helping you to thrive as you leave the “I’m all alone” mindset and instead plug into the energy of like-minded people who want to dream, plan, and do big things.

In your cowork space there are purpose-built sessions and rooms where you can:

  • get input on one of your projects.
  • help or get help, with a task that has you stuck.
  • partner with others in a “shut up and work” SAW session as you all tackle your most procrastination worthy tasks together.
  • attend speed networking events.
  • attend a session being offered by a expert in a topic that grabs your interest.
  • take a break in the virtual common area and chill.

…or just plain work on your stuff while others are doing the same.

Coworking spaces drive: community, accountability, collaboration, learning, and sustainability for all that come in through their doors.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

―  Benjamin Franklin

Throughout the year you will be invited to attend transformational educational retreats, boot camps, study circles, summits, and webinars. In addition, you will have access to one-on-one and group coaching.

You deserve the best of all worlds. That’s why SUN members have access to a constant supply of programs and support to impact your mind, body, and spirit. Everything you need for meaningful success. 

Depending on whether you are part SUN to achieve personal or professional goals and dreams, you’ll receive advice, training, and guidance on things like: attaining peak physical and mental health, effective leadership, strategic planning and execution, marketing (digital and traditional), fundraising, and hundreds of other topics related to personal and organizational excellence.   

This growth-oriented education (online and in-person) employs proven practices that will help you advance, grow, and support each other to get where you want to go. 

SUN’s educational offerings cover the latest general and tech related topics across the following broad themes:   

  1. Personal excellence and high performance.
  2. Organizational excellence and high performance.
  3. Sales, marketing, and customer service.
  4. Starting up a business or a not-for-profit.

Our signature yearly educational and networking event is called SUNLive and is held some place nice (i.e. think Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, etc.).

You will receive a healthy dose of support, empathy, and encouragement to get past the hurdles that life throws at you. At the same time, you will get an equal dose of cold hard facts that you need to face (facts that others won’t confront you with).

You will identify your strengths and development needs. One of the biggest priorities for you will be to develop a plan that leverages your existing strengths and improves your ability to perform.

If you choose to work with a coach, the focus will be on your current needs and an action plan. You will review progress on your plan and focus on what’s most important for you to move forward right now.

You will be offered valuable perspective and insights, prioritized clear actions, new tools, and a plan to follow that takes you through to your next challenge.

Simplified one-page plans and monthly progress tracking is a powerful part of what is in store for you.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
― Helen Keller

SUN’s concierge desk helps you source things you need to advance so you can stick with the things you are good at. Let someone else do the rest. 

SUN has partnered with and vetted top companies and experts to offer you products and purpose-built done-for-you solutions called ‘Power-ups’. 

Power-ups are done-for-you services such as: virtual assistants, websites, web hosting, digital marketing, bookkeeping, purchasing or selling a business, training, logos, specialized coaching, or creating online courses, membership sites, or online summits.

These solutions all have best in market pricing and/or enhanced offerings, clear deliverables, have been rated by other SUN members, and come with straight forward guarantees.

SUN has also partnered with leading vendors to offer you serious discounts on many of the things you need to succeed personally and, for those that run businesses or not-for-profits,  grow and run your organization so that don’t spend money you don’t have to. 

So if you need help with anything…either we’ve got what you need, or we’ll do our best to help you get it. 

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” 

― Denzel Washington

The lives of  those (including the rich and famous) who have lived purely for themselves end empty and often horribly. 

It is with this in mind, that SUN members make a private personal decision to donate a portion of  their personal time and resources and/or their organization’s: time, products/services,  profits, or equity to causes (their own or someone else’s) they want to have a direct impact on.

If we sound like a fit for you, please click on the green “Apply for membership” button now. 

If you would sooner discuss membership with someone before you apply, please click on the green “Request info meeting” button below.

DrJoan Headshot
"If I could recommend only one resource on how to start, build and grow an idea ... SUN would definitely be that resource!"
Dr. Joan Lawrence-Ross
Founder & CEO Uncomon Resilience
John 2
"When I first joined SUN, I wasn't surprised my business moved forward. What was a surprise was how it changed my life."
John Leishman
CEO, Tursa Group
brita 3
"At 7am I thought my day...the mountain ahead of me...was unachievable. At 7:05am after a SUN call I thought I could climb Everest. That's what this process does."
Brita Lind
CEO, Arcas Advertising, Marketing & Strategy
Jeff Sotropa
“SUN has helped me get organized and develop a clear plan to get the dream out of my head and into action. The value far surpasses the investment.”
Jeff Sotropa
Founder & CEO, Sotropa Communications
bjorn head
"Kim's programs are second-to-none. What sets him and his programs apart is that he actually cares and wants to see you succeed. If you want to reach your business goals this year, SUN is the place to start."
Bjorn Allpas
Founder & CEO, WP Learning Lab
"What I received from SUN: exceptional business and marketing knowledge and experience, understanding and accountability, professionalism, promptness and community, and support and encouragement to Stand Up Now (not someday). Thank you, Kim!"
Sherry Lukey
Business and Personal Coach,
"Sun provides you with first hand knowledge from like-minded people who have personally experienced what you are presently going through. It gives you great comfort knowing you are not alone and gives you valuable knowledge on how to fix or alter the situation to your advantage.”
Gilles Verrier
Serial Entrepreneur
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"After finishing up at Techstars there was a noticeable void in my week, I really miss the "CEO Standup Meeting" where I got to discuss weekly pain points of the company with my peers and have the ability to ask for help. I found that sense of community and mentorship with SUN."
Alison Anderson
CEO & Founder - SuccessionMatching
Jon T Pic
"The great thing about participating in the SUN mastermind was a mix of two things: 1. Hearing what other people were struggling with was comforting, eye opening and offered a good environment to share both your problems and your ideas. 2. Because of the mix of backgrounds, industries and even geographical location we were able to share those ideas with people we might never have met otherwise."
Jon Thor Sigurleifsson
Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd
Steve Z Pic
"I hate business groups. They're generally a self-serving, self-interested waste of time. SUN is different. Being a SUN member gives me access to a collective of wisdom, experience and accountability that adds real and immediate value to my business."
Steve Zilinek
Modern Marketing Executive, FinalGen Webslinger and Cypherpunk Wannabe