If you are (or soon to be) one of our members, you’re a creator and have an entrepreneurial spirit. 

That means you have great ideas, a ton of energy, passion, and people around you who believe in you and where you are going. 

What you may not have, and this is where we come in, is a focused, systematic, and productive way of planning and executing your dream online and offline.

The success of you and your dream organization is our mission: your planning, your purpose and passion, your people, your performance, your promotion – your results.


Simply stated, we can guarantee increased sales, profits and overall operational performance gains for you. We operate worldwide.

SUN exists to help you optimize your personal performance and the performance of your organization (including your sales and marketing efforts), and ensure that performance is sustained.


Without question, we believe you can accomplish anything…with the right planning, people, performance, and promotion. 

We help people and organizations get focused, equipped, and systematic so they can achieve more and sell more. 

We have found the key to your success is to get you to spend more time thinking strategically (and following your ‘compass’) so you can optimize the time you and your team spend in the day-to- day ‘jungle’ of your important work.