If you are (or soon to be) one of our members, you’re a creator and have an entrepreneurial spirit. 

That means you have great ideas, a ton of energy, passion, and people around you who believe in you and where you are going. 

What you may not have, and this is where we come in, is a focused, systematic, and productive way of planning and executing your dream online and offline.

The success of you and your dream organization is our mission: your planning, your purpose and passion, your people, your performance, your promotion – your results.


Simply stated, we can guarantee increased sales, profits and overall operational performance gains for you. We operate worldwide.

SUN exists to help you optimize your personal performance and the performance of your organization (including your sales and marketing efforts), and ensure that performance is sustained.


Without question, we believe you can accomplish anything…with the right planning, people, performance, and promotion. 

We help people and organizations get focused, equipped, and systematic so they can achieve more and sell more. 

We have found the key to your success is to get you to spend more time thinking strategically (and following your ‘compass’) so you can optimize the time you and your team spend in the day-to- day ‘jungle’ of your important work.

The impact

Alison Headshot pic

"After finishing up at Techstars there was a noticeable void in my week, I really miss the "CEO Standup Meeting" where I got to discuss weekly pain points of the company with my peers and have the ability to ask for help. I found that sense of community and mentorship with SUN."

Alison Anderson
CEO & Founder - SuccessionMatching
DrJoan Headshot

"If I could recommend only one resource on how to start, build and grow a successful business ... SUN would definitely be that resource!"

Dr. Joan Lawrence-Ross
Founder & CEO Uncomon Resilience

"Sun provides you with first hand knowledge from like-minded people who have personally experienced what you are presently going through. It gives you great comfort knowing you are not alone and gives you valuable knowledge on how to fix or alter the situation to your advantage.”

Gilles Verrier
Serial Entrepreneur
Jeff Sotropa

“SUN has helped me get organized and develop a clear plan to get the dream out of my head and into action. The value far surpasses the investment.”

Jeff Sotropa
Founder & CEO, Sotropa Commuications
bjorn head

"Kim's programs are second-to-none. What sets him and his programs apart is that he actually cares and wants to see you succeed. If you want to reach your business goals this year, SUN is the place to start."

Bjorn Allpas
Founder & CEO, WP Learning Lab

"What I received from SUN: exceptional business and marketing knowledge and experience, understanding and accountability, professionalism, promptness and community, and support and encouragement to Stand Up Now (not someday). Thank you, Kim!"

Sherry Lukey
Business and Personal Coach, SherryLukey.com
John 2

"When I first joined SUN, I wasn't surprised my business moved forward. What was a surprise was how it changed my life."

John Leishman
CEO, Tursa Group
brita 3

"At 7am I thought my day...the mountain ahead of me...was unachievable. At 7:05am after a SUN call I thought I could climb Everest. That's what this process does."

Brita Lind
CEO, Arcas Advertising, Marketing & Strategy
Jon T Pic

"The great thing about participating in the SUN mastermind was a mix of two things: 1. Hearing what other people were struggling with was comforting, eye opening and offered a good environment to share both your problems and your ideas. 2. Because of the mix of backgrounds, industries and even geographical location we were able to share those ideas with people we might never have met otherwise."

Jon Thor Sigurleifsson
Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd