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Join us in making your dreams a reality through Mastermind Groups and Make It Happen Impact Programs. Individually customized for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executive Directors, and Salespeople, all focusing on accomplishing both organizational and personal dreams/goals.
The Mastermind groups are further differentiated into four sub-levels of membership, based on your role, current stage of progress and annual revenue. This categorization helps us tailor our approach to match your unique needs, concerns, resources, and confidence levels.

Mastermind Groups

Welcome to the Ultimate Mastermind Experience, a dynamic fusion of four unique journeys tailored for the full spectrum of human ambition. From the motivated visionaries at Basecamp, ready to chart their course and gather vital skills, to the ambitious achievers of Ascent, set to transform potential into a soaring success. For those at the Summit, who taste success and yearn for higher peaks, we provide the tools and insights to conquer new heights. And for the exceptional visionaries, our exclusive Moonshot program offers a custom-tailored journey, redefining the limits of achievement. Here, every step is a leap towards greatness, transforming ambitious dreams into tangible triumphs. Join us, and redefine the boundaries of success.

Make it Happen™ Impact Programs

Take on transformation with our Make it Happen™ Impact Programs. From ‘Stand Up Now,’ our dream-plan-do initiative for personal growth, to ‘Launch,’ your guide to transforming ideas into thriving successes. Embrace ‘Optimize’ for strategic advancement and team mastery, and ‘Captivate’ to turn your marketing into a magnet for success. Sharpen your personal selling skills with ‘Sales Mastery,’ and boost your team’s selling performance with ‘SalesSurge 360.’ Each program, spanning 90 days, is a meticulous blend of strategy, execution, and innovation, tailor-made for dream chasers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Get ready to transform your vision into reality and make an indelible impact in your world.

Our Make it Happen™ Impact Programs

Making Impact Happen

Experience transformation with our Impact Programs. These hands-on, 90-day programs are designed to equip you with practical skills and strategies. The distinctive feature? You apply what you learn directly in your organization as you progress through the program.
Dive into the dynamic blend of community-driven live learning, live collaboration, and progressive online education. This integrated approach enhances your entrepreneurial skills and expands your business, all under the watchful guidance of our coaches. As you learn and take action, our supportive community fosters accountability.

From personal growth to business startup, scaling, and sales performance improvement, our programs cater to a broad spectrum of professional goals. Each one is tailor-made to meet your unique needs, paving the way for you to drive impactful change.

90-days of transforming personal growth and purpose discovery into a happy life. This program guides you through stress and time management, nutrition and exercise, mindfulness, and values exploration. It’s all underpinned by our unique dream-plan-do strategy.

Harness your inner critic, discover your true purpose, and elevate your performance by effectively optimizing resources and priorities. More than a program, it’s a path to a balanced, fulfilling life. It streamlines your journey, transforming dreams into achievements, fostering overall well-being, and promoting a simplified, yet enriched lifestyle.

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Only 90 days to launch your entrepreneurial journey from idea to action. We’ll guide you through generating business ideas or refining your current idea.

Create a simple legal business structure, craft a business plan, identify target markets, and develop a sales process. Learn about funding options, and uncover the basics of creating a website that tells your story and sells.

Consider Launch as your roadmap, navigating the exciting landscape of entrepreneurship. From idea generation to successful launch, we’re with you every step of the way.

A 90-day journey that explores the four cornerstones of flourishing business operations: Plan, People, Performance, and Promotion. Revolutionize your processes, create an environment that propels you from idea to execution seamlessly and repeatedly.

Optimize instills a culture of constant innovation within your operations.

Venture into strategic planning, team building, performance optimization, and efficient scalability tactics. ‘Optimize’ serves as your comprehensive roadmap, paving the way to a highly efficient, productive, and triumphant business.

Maximize your business’s visibility and generate high-quality leads with the Captivate marketing and lead generation program.

This 90 day program offers insights into effective marketing strategies, lead generation techniques, and customer engagement tools.

Learn how to identify and reach your target audience, create compelling marketing campaigns, and convert leads into loyal customers.

Elevate your sales skills. This 90 day program provides advanced sales strategies, negotiation techniques, and customer relationship management tools.

Develop a consultative selling approach, understand customer surface and underlying needs, close deals expertly and ethically.

Sales Mastery is your gateway to becoming a top 1% performing salesperson.

Empower your sales team. This 90 day program covers team management, sales training, performance tracking, and motivational strategies.

Build a high-performing sales team, create effective training programs, work effectively with your marketing department or agency, and team performance.

Lead your team to surpass sales record setting targets.


3 Steps - No Salespeople in any of them!

Just follow the following 3 steps to learn more with our transparent, sales pitch-free zone approach. It’s all about the right fit. We look forward to working with you.

Initial Meeting

Schedule a meeting with a dedicated SUN Coach. This isn't a sales pitch, it's a friendly, pitch-free consultation to answer your questions, share what we offer, and get to know you better. No one will ask you to buy anything.

Test Drive

Experience the SUN community first-hand with two complimentary mastermind sessions and a one-on-one session with your SUN Coach. This is a no-obligation opportunity to align with your dreams and goals and spark your action plan.

Assess + Apply

Take a moment to reflect on your SUN experience. If we both feel a synergy and see potential for growth, we invite you to apply for membership. Remember, there's no financial commitment required from your side throughout this entire process. The final decision is, of course, yours. Regardless of the outcome, you will be a few steps further forward.

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"Highly Recommend"

"If I could recommend only one resource on how to start, build and grow an idea ... SUN would definitely be that resource!"
Dr. Joan Lawrence-Ross
CEO & Founder, SuccessionMatching

"You Are Not Alone"

"SUN provides you with first hand knowledge from like-minded people who have personally experienced what you are presently going through. It gives you great comfort knowing you are not alone and gives you valuable knowledge on how to fix or alter the situation to your advantage.”
Gilles Verrier
Executive Director, Lions Housing Centres

"Community + Mentorship"

"After finishing up at Techstars there was a noticeable void in my week, I really miss the "CEO Standup Meeting" where I got to discuss weekly pain points of the company with my peers and have the ability to ask for help. I found that sense of community and mentorship with SUN."
Alison Anderson
CEO & Founder, SuccessionMatching

"Reach Your Goals"

"SUN's programs are second-to-none. What sets them and their programs apart is that they actually care and want to see you succeed. If you want to reach your business goals this year, SUN is the place to start."
Bjorn Allpas
Founder & CEO, WP Learning Lab